Why do muscles hurt after exercise? Help of the Cypionate in Muscle Recovery


Surely each of those who decided to finally pull themselves together and go in for sports, even if preferring light jogging in the morning, knows the feeling of muscle pain immediately after the first exertion, or the next day. This pain, called krepatura, of course, gives confidence that the training was not in vain, and you are moving in the right direction, but the question of why muscles hurt after training does not stop many people.

It is important to remember that such pain (within reason) does not signal any disturbances in the body, muscle strain or injuries. This is a natural reaction of the body, which is simply unaccustomed to physical activity. But what is still to be done with this pain and how to determine if everything is really in order and did you overdo it during training?

What we have already said, we call krepatura, occurs for two reasons: the accumulation in the muscles of the so-called lactic acid as a result of increased muscle activity, or microtrauma of the muscles, which are absolutely not dangerous to the general health of a person, but create some discomfort and limitations in sports for a short recovery period.

But if you are chased by aching or acute local pain – this is a signal of a more serious injury that should no longer be ignored and you should immediately consult a doctor.

Let us return to our “positive” pain, which occurs in muscles that are not adapted to physical exertion. The answer to the question why muscles hurt after training – we found. But the next problem is that such pain really causes discomfort and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

How to speed up recovery with Test C

Usually krepatura passes by itself in a day or two after occurrence. But such a quick cure occurs only if lactic acid is the cause of the pain. In the event that the cause of krepatura are microtrauma, recovery will be longer. But in order to alleviate the pain and, moreover, not to aggravate it, you will need to buy Testosterone Cypionate at Maxlabs.co and follow some rules and recommendations.


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