What Can Product Project Review Offer?


    The product project review is a key element of the project management process which allows all stakeholders to take stock of the progress of the said dossier before proceeding to the next milestone. How do these formal meetings take place? Who participates? What are its objectives?

    If the primary objective of these formal meetings is to bring together all the actors of a project in order to validate the different deliverables, the fact remains that these regular meetings are essential to the success of a project, whatever whether.

    Sharing the same vision of things, exchanging information, expertise, working intelligently in the same direction, with a collective objective, correcting errors as and when so many ingredients favorable to success, both collective than individual.

    What is a product project review?

    A well-crafted project is structured around different key stages throughout its advancement. These phases are materialized by the validation of  milestones which make it possible to take stock of the progress of said project at an instant “t” and attest that a stage has been successfully crossed and so that the following phase can be engaged. It is during these formal meetings called “project reviews” that the milestones are validated or not.

    These regular meetings are defined from the start. The decisions made during these reviews are irrevocable and enforceable. They serve as references on which to rely for further operations.


    The project group is made up of a complete team of people concerned by the said project. It can be composed, for example, as follows:

    • the project sponsor,
    • the project manager,
    • the project team,
    • experts and / or partners,
    • a sponsor.


    Project reviews allow, among other things:

    • check that the objectives of a stage are reached
    • check that deadlines and deadlines are met
    • validate the different phases of the project
    • manage contingencies , incidents, problems or possible risks
    • decide on any readjustments or reorientations
    • trigger a fundraiser

    But also:

    • once again unite the players around the success of the project,
    • communicate face to face,
    • strengthen collective intelligence ,
    • foster cooperation between the different protagonists,
    • give a global, unique and precise vision of the project to each of the parties involved.

    Types of journals

    There are several types of product project reviews, including:

    Steering committee: made up of operational managers in the project management, it oversees the project as a whole: constitution of the team, designation of the project manager, definition of the phases, deadlines and various follow-up meetings, validation of steps, decision-making, etc.

    Budget review: implemented as part of budget management, it allows the control and monitoring of expenditure and revenue: monitoring of variances, revisions, readjustments, forecasts.

    Sprint review: in the context of agile projects, it is held at the end of each sprint and allows you to present what has been developed during the past sprint, take stock of the progress of the project, validate or readjust options to go to the next sprint.

    Manufacturing review: as part of the manufacturing of a new product, it validates all the stages, makes any adjustments, validates compliance, etc.


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