What Are the Advantages Of 4K Monitor Over TV For Gaming?


A good monitor is an important requirement to get an amazing gaming experience. However, looking at the vast choices in monitors makes a person confused. There are two main types of monitors available in gaming. These are 4k monitors and television.

In order to make the right selection, you need to get a good understanding of them. As TVs and 4K monitors are built for different objectives, they have several differences in regards to tech specs.

Primecables 4K gaming monitor is built with innovative technologies to provide remarkable gaming experience to customers.  Their technological features include UHD 4K resolution, versatile inputs, AMD free sync supported device, and ultra-slim aluminum panel.

Let us compare both these options over a few important factors with respect to gaming.

Screen Size

The size of the display screen holds a lot of importance when it comes to playing a game. As television isn’t designed for close up viewing, its screen size is bigger compared to monitors.

On the other hand, 4k monitors are intended for short distance viewing, so they have got a smaller screen size with more size options. Primecables is a leading provider of A+ quality gaming monitors to its customers in California.


A lot of contemporary monitors and television feature 4K resolution. It implies that they offer sharper and detailed graphics of 3840 X 2160 pixels. TVs have low pixel density, as they are designed for long-distance viewing.

Gamers generally need a monitor with high pixel density to view at a shorter distance. This provides them a highly immersive gaming experience.

Response Time

Response time is calculated in milliseconds. It is the time period needed by a pixel to transit from black to white. A fast response time provides a quick transition of pixels and gives a smoother picture. In the case of 4K monitors, they come with an inbuilt TN panel type that provides the quickest response time of 1ms.


Connectors are the major distinguishing factor between a monitor and a television. They mostly use HDMI to transfer video signals Monitors have DisplayPort/Type-C connectors and HDMI for transmission of video signals.

They also have 3.5mm stereo jacks for audio input. Monitors provide more ports to obtain signals from a system. Their wider bandwidth helps in supporting refresh rate, and higher resolution. This makes them ideal for multimedia tasks.


If you are looking for a monitor for gameplay purposes, then a 4K monitor is your ideal pick. It is built with technologies that provide better gaming experience to gamers in contrast to a television monitor.


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