The lawyer can be generalist or choose to specialize


A lawyer can mention several specializations. In practice, the number of mentions is limited to two but may exceptionally be increased to three. Acquiring or selling a company, raising funds from business angels or VCs , managing a dispute with its partners, suppliers, customers – a plethora of other examples could be cited – are important and structuring events in business life and sometimes colossal financial stakes. The choice of advice and in particular of the Best Overland Park Lawyer is decisive. This is not to be mistaken.

Lawyer choice

Identifying the lawyer is the first step. This involves analyzing your own situation to better qualify the profile of the lawyer sought: general business lawyer, lawyer specializing in the sale and acquisition of companies, lawyer specializing in fundraising, lawyer specializing in business litigation. The same lawyer can of course have several specialties. The online directory of lawyers but above all the feedback from those around you will generally allow you to refine your search.  

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It seems to me that several factors must be taken into account in the choice of his advice:

  • His experience. What is his track record? Has he dealt with cases close to yours? 
  • Has he written on the subject for whom you are asking him?

Do not hesitate to ask him these questions in order to clearly define his expertise

The “fit” you will have with him. You may be spending a lot of time with your counsel, even on a one-off assignment. It is important to have confidence in your lawyer and to feel comfortable to discuss freely. The lawyer must listen to his client and understand the specific expectations of the latter. Its ability to give you a reading grid, to simplify sometimes technical debates, to make proposals, to negotiate for the good of your file is essential

The financial terms of his intervention or how much does it cost?

This last subject should not be taboo and should be addressed from the first meeting. Different methods of financial intervention are practiced: time spent according to an hourly rate, fixed price, if necessary according to the result. Usually at the end of the first meeting you have had with your lawyer often free of charge but do not hesitate to ask him the question when making the appointment the latter will send you a fee agreement detailing the actions that he anticipates on your file and the financial conditions of his intervention. This fee agreement reflects in principle the content of the discussions you have had upstream with your advisor.



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