Teenagers Moving to Online Gambling – Risks and Advice


In most of the countries globally, gambling below the age of 18 is illegal. Although many of the underage gamblers hack into or somehow manage to sneak into land-based casinos, they are indeed quite good at stopping teens at the door itself, asking for identity proofs. With online gambling, however, there is not much way to prevent a teen from placing bets online or blocking them. If they manage to get their parent’s credit card, they can easily register on an online gambling website secretly.

Let’s discuss the risks that lead to teenage gambling online:

  • Private, unlimited access to the internet like in isolated bedroom
  • Having immediate family members who gamble to influence them negatively
  • Starting to gamble or getting influenced by gambling at an early age
  • Frequent use of “free-to-play” areas on different gambling websites
  • Experiencing a big win in the initial face boosting the confidence to over-risk
  • Boredom or loneliness or just the urge to try something new
  • Having attention-seeking tendencies to slot online to show-off in the friend circle
  • The need to earn short-cut money
  • Impulsivity and immaturity leading to not knowing where to stop

What parents should ensure:

  • Set a good example;don’t gamble yourself if you don’t want your kids to.
  • Enforce rules about what kinds of sites are strictly not allowed.
  • Install software to blocks access to online gambling websites, blocking inappropriate online content.
  • Talk to the child about the dangers of online gambling and explain why it is especially inappropriate for his/her age.
  • Keep track of the websites that the child is visiting.
  • Make sure that computers are placed in open common areas – and not in your child’s bedroom.
  • Be awareof teen gambling problems and know how to prevent it.

Even if there is a little chance that your kid might be thinking of gambling without your permission, its time for you to be vigilant. Teenagers need to be counseled well at school and at home to ensure that they do not think about falling prey to gambling addiction. There are also many experts and organizations that can help your child in case they actually get the bad habit of gambling.


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