Teaching and learning methods


Learning is one of the most important elements of life, as it is the main pillar upon which the development of societies is based, and it expresses what is gathered from science and stored since childhood for its subsequent application, as it was developed on the basis of the foundations and rules of nature, and learning has many ways that differ from one person to another, as from It is possible that one of the methods is suitable for one person and not suitable for another, and it is also possible to combine more than one method for learning at the same time, and the following are the most important methods of learning: [1]

Auditory method: This method is used to communicate information in the form of sounds that are heard by the learner for analysis and storage.

The visual method: The information is communicated by displaying color pictures, video clips, or any other form of visual teaching aids.

Reading method: It is one of the methods that depend on reading information for understanding and storing it.

Teaching methods

Packaging methods are defined as the method that is intended to communicate information from the teacher to the learner, as the teaching methods differ according to the information to be conveyed, in addition to the people to be taught them, for example, the methods of teaching children differ from the teaching methods in universities, and the most important methods of education are the following: [2]

The method of questions, which allows students to ask questions that wander in their minds, which leads to the arrival of the information in the form of answers, which facilitates the process of keeping and analyzing it in the mind of the student.

Collaborative education, which is one of the teaching methods that depends on forming groups of students in which discussion takes place with one another, or for the purpose of conducting scientific experiments. This method provides students with the opportunity to discuss and form information until it is fully understood by all members of the group.

Diversified education, this method differs from the rest of the teaching methods so that there is a difference in the ways of communicating information to individuals, so that the levels of understanding among students are not equal, and each student has a special method through which he can understand the information.

Study methods

It is possible for the student to spend a lot of time studying and coming out with little benefit, in this case it can be said that the study he did is not effective, so many researches were conducted to find and develop the correct and effective methods of study, and these methods include the following: [3]

Make study times scheduled so that a certain number of hours are allocated for study.

Take notes and keep the notebook in good, clear order.

Study in a designated area equipped for study, containing all the necessary tools.


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