Some Unique Features Of An Armored Vehicle


Armored vehicles are one of the most luxurious and useful cars a person can own for their protection. Nowadays, most of these cars use the enhanced mechanism and technologies to prove to you the best service possible and also protect you in any given situation. These cars can also be customized based on the customer’s needs and requirements or even desire. Here are some of the unique features that can be found in some of the armored vehicles, which will help you in any dangerous situation:

  • Run-Flat Tires– If in case your tires get punctured due to obstacles, the run-flat tires system in these armored cars helps you travel for 50 to 70 miles per hour, depending on the condition of the road you are traveling on. This enhanced system of run-flat helps you in traveling an adequate distance, making sure that you run away from a dangerous situation to a safe zone.
  • The Smoke Screen Technique- This new and latest technology of the smoke screen creates smoke which is installed on a vehicle through a smoke generator. This technique is very helpful during money transfer or high-profile secret jobs. If you are been chased by intruders, the smoke screen technology helps you escape safely.
  • External Microphones- One of the best equipment in these luxurious armored vehicles is the external microphone. This microphone helps you to communicate with other surrounding vehicles without you having to lower your window or open the car door. In this way, you are safe inside your car while communicating with people outside without even risking your lives. This microphone is extremely sensitive and is mostly installed in or near the driver’s outside door mirror.
  • Installed Weapons– Now this might seem like an extreme move, but some armored vehicles are literally ‘armed’ with weapons. These types of customization are usually built for military, government or very high-profile personnel. It cannot be used by a common man as this technology of weapons in armored vehicles is very expensive and rare. It’s usually installed and hidden below the license plate of a vehicle so that the chasing vehicles can be easily attacked.

There are various companies which provide you with more unique and helpful technologies, for example- ballistic protection vehicles at Troy Armoring These vehicles help you in enjoying your luxurious ride without worrying about the danger from the outside world.


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