Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Malang


Malang is a small city in East Java that was once prized by the Dutch for its beautiful climate. The city, even now, retains a lot of the colonial architecture that you will be able to see while exploring it. Several buildings still hold the influence of Dutch and Indonesian style of architecture. Malang is a fun city for any traveler to be in because of the wide range of activities you can take part in. Before you book your tickets and hotels in Malang Indonesia, we would like you to have a look at these popular tourist attractions where you must surely visit!

Mount Bromo – there is no dearth of wonderful natural beauty and scenery in Malang. Mount Bromo is one such example of the hidden treasures this place holds. Famous for its unforgivable sunrise views, Mount Bromo is a must-visit attraction in Malang. The view of the sunrise is astounding and you will witness the breathtaking scenery of the horizon and the surrounding mountains early in the morning. Start your day in the best possible way up here. You can also eat a delicious breakfast at the small cafes that have been set up along the way.

Mount Semeru – for those of you who enjoy trekking, Mount Semeru offers the best experience to adventure lovers. This volcanic mountain is just a few km from Malang and is the highest volcano in Java. However, you must pack all your essentials properly because the trek is two nights long and that is why you must be well prepared for reaching your final destination. It will be a hiking experience that is going to remain with you for the rest of your life.

Coban Sewu Waterfall – another beautiful place in Malang is the Coban Sewu Waterfall that is nestled in a small highland village, two hours away to the East of the city. You will be surprised to see that tourists need to climb a series of bamboo ladders in order to reach the waterfall through the deep ravine. It can be quite challenging for some people, but if you are brave and confident enough, you will be able to do it. Once you reach the mesmerizing place, you will understand that it was very well worth it.


Balekambang Beach – located about 70 km from Malang, Balekambang Beach is the perfect place to relax and bathe under the sun. There are several water sports in which you can take part in like parasailing and sea diving. The pristine waters of the sea and the yellow sand will surely fill your mind with calm and peace. Don’t forget to hang out at one of the eateries or pubs that are lined around the beach to enjoy local cuisines and your favorite cocktail! Also, visit the Hindu Temple that is on the island.

So, these are the top attractions in Malang you simply cannot miss checking out. Talk to your tour agent and get more details about the places that we talked about in this blog.


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