KiddieKisses- baby clothing and much more


Kiddiekiss is a company that provides the general public with the best and the latest Korean fashion. The prices of these 童裝 are kept low so that it can be availed by the maximum customer. There are a lot of clothing options starting from trousers to shirts as well as jackets. Who among those clothes is being mentioned here in details?

  1. Korean kids dinosaur pants (red) – this pant is made for boys in Korean style. This Korean dinosaur pants in the colour red are made and packed in Southern Korea. These set of trousers are then transported to Hong Kong through air transport. These products are specially prepared for children who involve themselves in activities. Children’s feel free to involve themselves in leisure activities wearing these clothes. There are options available for size. Try to pick up the correct size from the size chart.  The price of this product is HKD 196.00.

  1. Korean kids dinosaur top (red) – this top is perfect to pair with the Korean kid’s dinosaur pants (red). This top costs HKD 210. This product is also manufactured in Korea.  Then it is transported to Hong Kong through air transport. This product is suitable for the leisure activities of the children. Again do not forget to check the size chart before purchasing the 童裝.

  1. Korean children’s clothing: Korean children accustomed to wearing wave-shaped pants with beertail. These are all prepared in Korea and then through air transport is sent to Hong Kong. Follow the size chart before placing the order and for any issue regarding the product read the instruction. These costs HID 160.

  1. Korean children’s clothing rabbit with style pants: Korean children’s clothing chicken palm pants are manufactured in Korea and send to Hong Kong by air. This includes the proper selection of unique designs by the designers and then. Go through the product instructions if you have any kind of issue regarding this.

  1. Korean children’s clothing top (rabbit): Korean children’s clothing top (rabbit)  is manufactured in South Korea. This product is then sent to Hongkong through the air. If you want any for the details then you can visit the product introduction section. This product is highly comfortable and soothing to the children. It cost around HKD 252

  1. Korean girl Sheep bag dress (pink): Korea is the manufacturing centre of the Korean girl sleep back dress in the colour pink. This dress is suitable for any occasion like friends gathering or get together. Visit the introduction section for any further details.

  1. Korean boy dinosaur coat: this Korean boy dinosaur Court costs HKD 374. Like any other product, this is also delivered from Korea to Hong Kong. This product has medium suitable size options. This can be want to any organisation and a perfect for children during spring.

  1. Korean girls casual skirt (dark blue and brown) – this piece of cloth costs HKD 213. This cloth is suitable for any kind of occasions and it has a blouse attached to it. The colour combination is already mentioned with the product name.


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