IAS Exam Facts – IAS Full Form, Syllabus, and More


The annual examination of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to recruit for the services like IAS, IPS, IRS and more, is called Civil Services Examination (CSE). There are various all Indian services, but one important one which is a dream of many is IAS. The first fact about IAS is its full form. The IAS Full Form is Indian Administrative Services. Candidates sitting for CSE examination always want to clear the examination so as to get recruited in IAS. 

Read the following facts about IAS and the examination to be recruited in it, below:

  1. IAS Full Form is Indian Administrative Services
  2. Every year around 180-200 IAS officers are recruited after they clear the UPSC CSE examination. Though the vacancies are almost in the range of 700-900; around 180-200 seats are allotted to the IAS
  3. IAS Exam is not a different examination than the Civil Services Examination. To be a part of Indian Administrative Services, one has to go through the three stages of the Civil Services Examination (CSE) – Preliminary, Mains and Interview. 
  4. Unlike other services, it is necessary to be an Indian Citizen to get through Indian Administrative Citizens. 
  5. A graduation degree is an eligibility criteria for the exam. An aspirant has to have a passing certificate of his/her graduation degree to make himself/herself eligible for the examination. 
  6. Only top rankers of the civil services examination get IAS as their services. For example, if there are 800 vacancies, top 150-200 candidates will have a choice to make to become IAS or not. So, if an aspirant dreams to get into IAS, he/she has to secure a top rank. 
  7. There are different subjects for the examination. An aspirant should always have an updated syllabus for the examination. For example, aspirants preparing for the year 2020, should have UPSC syllabus 2020 with them that comes along with the notification of UPSC. UPSC Syllabus 2020 can help aspirants preparing for the year 2020 and also 2021. It covers the detailed syllabus for all the subjects asked in the examination. 
  8. If someone belongs to general category and dreams to become an IAS officer, has to know following things:
    1. He/she has to be a minimum of 21 years old
    2. He/she will get only 6 attempts to take the examination and clear. Beyond that, there is no chance. 
    3. The maximum age limit is 32 for a general category aspirant. 
  9. There are a few reservations and relaxations for aspirants belonging to SC/ST/OBC category which candidates should know. 
  10. There is a list of 48 subjects (including language subjects)  from which an aspirant can choose his/her optional subject which is an important part of the Mains stage. 

These facts can help aspirants preparing for the examination to channelize their vigour in alignment with the demand of  the examination. Once an aspirant knows about the exam, he/she can plan his/her preparation accordingly and strive to clear the examination and get into services of his/her choices. 



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