Have you got yourself a Black Konjac Sponge? Here is how to use it.


Many of us have this problem of our becoming face very dull over time if still, you don’t have tried any cures for blackheads, you definitely should. Because they are going not just to make you look like a mess, but it happens due to clogged pores.

So if you want to have a cute face with beautiful skin, you must try a cure for treating the blackheads. But what is it that you should try? Well, try Black Konjac Sponge for a change! For cleaning and scrubbing out toxin that’s clogging your follicles, it’s a very gentle exfoliator to be used.

It’s made for all skin types from the most sensitive to the harshest and oily or thick skins. So whatever skin type you have, you can use it without any fear of breaking out or further irritations!

What is a black konjac sponge?

It is a naturally derived product that can be used to exfoliate your face. It has been quite popular throughout Asia, especially East Asian countries like Japan and Korea. If you ever wondered how they get such a glass-like skin, well using Konjac sponge is the answer! Now before we get into more details about it.

You must know that this is not the only thing that you should use as you want to be! It will require you to follow a certain routine. If you use this konjac sponge by following the method recommended by the experts, it will significantly help you with your skin.

Why Use Black Konjac Sponge?

There are quite a few reasons that you should you this fantastic and natural scrubber for the skin. The very first reason is the black konjac sponge is a special very very amazing sponge made from a hundred percent natural vegetable fibres.

More importantly, you can remove it with your hands on the water; there is no extra hassle required for it. There’s no chemical or artificial fragrance used in it, and neither does it has any chemicals in it.

Besides, it doesn’t have anything else in it besides the vegetable fibre. So by using a natural facial cleanser like the konjac sponge, you will be helping to lift out the dirt. It is way better than using an artificial exfoliator. If you are suffering from any blackheads or congestion of the follicles, It will declogg them as well.

So we can safely conclude that the primary reason to use the konjac sponge is that it is a natural detoxifying agent that leaves your skin into a much natural condition, as it should be.

How do you use the Konjac Sponge?

Step 1

Well, firstly you need to put this in water. soak this in water to activate it. oIt’s surface a little bit rough, and it’s a little bit hard. So this is a bulb long warm water. You can soak it in warm water, or you could leave it when you’re showering leave it in the water for a little bit, and then now it is ready to work as a great cleanser or to be used for any cleansing routine.

Step 2

Use it in when it’s soft and wet, and now you press it, and you roll it softly on these areas on face.that’s how you use it anyway. You should not take it close to your eyes because it’s a bit alkaline. So it can harm your eyes. Just be careful around the eye area, and you will be fine. If you need to add more water,  add some more water. Just squeeze it out and add more water.


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