Fishing Fridays Radio Interviews Bernie Schultz Greater than a Million Dollars in Prize Money


I’m excited today because today we have Bernie Schultz.

Bernie can be a native Floridian exceeding 30 experience competing within the finest amount of tournament fishing.

– With two US and a pair of Canadian titles, he’s won greater than huge amount of money in prize money.

– Furthermore to competing round the Bassmaster Elite Series, Bernie Schultz functions as a consultant to the majority of the finest brands in fishing, including Shimano, Rapala, Mercury Marine, Power Pole, Garmin, while others.

– Also, he functions as a columnist for a lot of major fishing publications, including Bassmaster, Florida Sportsperson, Ontario’s Just Fishing, and Inside Line.

Welcome, Bernie.

How you doing, Mike? Better to setup a gathering.

Okay, yeah. Great. Reveal, exactly what are you around today?

Oh, I obtained a few renovations happening in the home. I’ve got a bit of a lesser period between tournaments, and we’re transporting out a kitchen area remod. That sounds pretty boring, I am certain, for the listeners, but that’s what is happening at the house today.

What is the next tournament?

Next tournament is on Lake Hartwell. It’s round the Georgia-Sc border. It’s on the problem line, which is an excellent fishery. That’s partly certainly one of April. You have to leave after that to Winyah Bay, that’s round the coast just north of South… the facts? Charleston.

Okay, gotcha. How extended are you currently presently fishing?

Well, I’ve been fishing tournaments over thirty years. I’ve been fishing my entire existence. Whilst a really youthful kid I used to be round the water. My grandfather and my mother were kind of the muse personally. We resided around the lake in Sanford, Florida. This is when I learned to… I’m speaking about, I learned the basic principles there.

Nice. So that it was your grandfather along with your mother?

Correct, yeah. My dad didn’t fish, but father always ensured there’s water nearby i stood a boat. My grandfather will be a fisherman, and my mother was uncovered compared to that in the beginning. This is when I obtained it, was through them.

Wow. Reveal, how have you ever start fishing competitively? From the moment you’re a young child and you also were just carrying it out for entertainment, then without warning you made a decision to start fishing competitively?

Well, I kind of backed inside it, Mike. I used to be students within the College of Florida, then one of my instructors reaches a bass club. We determined pretty in the beginning through the class that individuals both fished so we stood a common interest, and then we started fishing together. He encouraged me get to a bass club meeting, and i also did. Just like a guest, I used to be requested to fish in the tournament, and my first draw was Shaw Grigsby, of individuals. That kind of hooked me in those days. I’m speaking about, I am fishing extended before that, however which was my first connection with competitive fishing.

The very first connection with competitive fishing, and you also get partnered tabs on Shaw Grigsby.

Yeah. Pretty strange turn of occasions, but… So we have ongoing to become buddies to this day. Shaw will be a great angler once i got connected using the club. I understood the best way to fish, however i didn’t know the mechanics of tournament fishing. It’s a different factor. I’m speaking about, fishing beneath the clock while using pressure of money in danger, at this level, with sponsors and media and fans, it genuinely changes the whole way you approach the game. Fishing for entertainment is… you understand, that’s one factor, but if you start a career in competitive fishing, you identify pretty quickly that you’ve a big transformation.



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