Entourage Oil and Its Ingredients


You probably know what CBD oil is. You are probably even using it and is reaping its benefits. Maybe you have also used other CBD products such as CBD capsules and CBD balm. But if you want to take your CBD experience to a whole new level then you need to try our entourage oil. It is named as such because it is designed to bring about the entourage effect, something that one can only get from a combination of different components of the hemp plant. Entourage oil maximises the possibilities of what the plant can do. Taking CBD oil and other CBD products is good for you. But using entourage oil is better because it provides the benefits of other ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, our entourage oil contains only three: cannabis extracts, terpenes, and olive oil. So as you can see, this is an all-natural product. It contains no chemicals and no fillers. Now let’s talk about the benefits of each of the ingredients of our entourage oil. Olive oil is one of the best oils for health. It has been used for thousands of years for cooking and for other uses. Terpenes is a component that can also be found in the skin of citrus fruits. It is known to enhance the effects of CBD. Terpenes is also ideal for people who want to counteract the effects of the psychoactive compound that is found in marijuana as well as in other CBD products. Terpenes is also responsible for the famous cannabis aroma.

Then, of course, there are the cannabis extracts such as CBD. Our entourage oil contains a full array of cannabinoids that also include CBDA and CBG. These extracts are known to have a relaxing effect, mainly because of how they interact with the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Together, these cannabis extracts will show you the full effect of the cannabis plant.

To learn more about the different CBD products and their uses, check the infographic below from LoveCBD.



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