Drawing and colouring is important for child’s development!


Drawing and colouring for the child’s development is essential. After all, it is the child’s first language, before writing, even before speech. Thus, the child draws to express his world. It gives some advantages of drawing and colouring for the child’s development.

Colouring develops handwriting

Children need strength and dexterity to manipulate a pencil on paper. Colouring Activities such as coloring pages like Topcoloringpages, drawings, and friezes will help in developing the strength necessary for writing, in addition to getting your hand used to the correct way to hold the pencil.

Motor coordination development

Whether in a small scribble or in a large painting, drawing can help develop the child’s motor skills. Getting your child into art and drawing games as soon as possible will help him evolve hand, and eye coordination, all while improving the fine touch of his fingers.


Coloring and drawing is an excellent focus exercise. It has been found that people who have contact with coloring in early childhood tend to develop greater ability to concentrate.

Another interesting feature refers to the fact that coloring books like E-kolorowanki have well-defined coloring margins and borders. Exposure to these outlines will prepare your child for writing.

New experiences

Children need a wide variety of items to be able to draw. This means getting in contact with pencils, pens, crayons or paints, as well as items such as paper, cardboard and boxes. The use of these materials ends up being inserted in the child’s life repertoire, generating new experiences, which is fundamental in the initial stage of life.

Developing the ability to solve questions

When drawing, the child is encouraged to face multiple decisions:  what colours to use, how to draw an animal, how to connect the different parts of a drawing and much more.

Prepare for school

Drawing is one of the foundations of logical and abstract thinking. So if the child has not yet entered school, playing with art helps them to understand certain concepts. Learning creative ways of thinking, even in early childhood, can influence the educational future.

Self- expression

Every human being expresses his feelings in different ways, and many children do this through drawing and coloring. All the line and colour decisions to be chosen in some way communicate what is going on in the child psyche.

Therapeutic and relieves stress

Coloring is a kind of natural tranquilizer for children, especially if they have no other outlet for confused feelings. Even children considered on the “normal” spectrum of behaviour can benefit from the act of processing their feelings, frustrations and emotions through the simple, yet profound, act of coloring.

So, start drawing experiments as soon as the child shows interest in the subject. Usually around 8 months, is ideal. To do this, create an environment designed for drawing, such as a small table accompanied by a small chair, in addition to establishing some rules for the use of materials, all of this is a good way to increase the range of experiences of the child and to confront them.


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