Common carton styles and boxes you cannot miss out on


    Irrespective of the type of product you are shipping, it is essential that you take care of every aspect. Also, the folding cartons are meant to protect your product from damage. Moreover, a folding carton box can prove to be extremely beneficial and versatile. There are different types of carton boxes available in the market, and each of them has a specific design. 

    When it comes to folding cartons boxes, you will eventually have a lot of options. But if you narrow down your choices, you will be able to proceed accordingly. The carton box style and design have an important role to play. Each of them has its own specific use so that you may prefer proceeding consequently. Some of the most common types of carton styles and boxes include the following

    Straight Tuck End

    This is surely one of the most common types of the folding carton box style. This is mostly used to ensure the opening and ending are tightly packed to each other. You can find a wide range of straight truck end boxes for packaging energy bars, wrapping chocolates, and smaller products. Since these boxes are fragile, only light materials and products are packed using the straight tuck end box style. 


    As the name suggests, sleeve style boxes can be easily slipped into sleek. They can prove to be one of the most effective choices for packaging your products. One of the greatest benefits of these sleeve boxes is that they have a custom design. As a result, they appear quite attractive and can provide a proper close-up, thereby adding to the extra layer of security. 

    Hanger box

    If you are looking for one of the best ways to use shelf-space, then nothing can be better than using hanger boxes. The hanger boxes are most suitable for individual items or for storing smaller products. This is surely one of the most convenient options and has a hook around so you can easily hang it. Apart from that, you may as well store the cosmetic items since they are small. 

    Tuck top

    Tuck folding boxes may be at one end, but they come with durable flaps, thereby ensuring proper lock system. You can easily use these storage boxes for shipping heavy products. One of the most prominent benefits of tuck top is that they can be easily opened. 

    You can easily get these different types of packaging boxes of emballage personnalisé Netpak for a better advantage. You can choose from different types of boxes and then proceed accordingly. 


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