Beneficial home improvements


Which home renovations have the best ROI? In this economy, it’s smart to make careful choices about investing in your home. Your roofing is one area where it is worthwhile to invest now for both immediate and long-term savings. However, you should also work out how to maintain and protect your investment.

Plan to Increase Energy Efficiency

Your home’s energy costs are a year-round expense. Trimming these bills by even a small amount will benefit your budget continuously. The right roof, properly installed by skilled roofing contractors, can save you up to 40 percent of your energy costs.

How? Metal roofs reflect solar radiation, reducing heat in the summer. They also smoothly shed snow and ice in the winter. You can increase their efficiency by addressing insulation or ventilation issues at the same time.

Look at Your 10+ Year Plan

The initial cost of your roof is just one factor to consider. Other important factors include how long will the roof last and what kind of maintenance will it require.

A metal roof could last for decades, while asphalt shingles may need to be replaced in 15 years. Meanwhile, if you choose an inexpensive metal roof instead of a high-end version, you may need to have its anti-rust coating reapplied every few years.

Consider the Weather and Other Hazards

Do you live in an area that gets hit with extreme weather and natural disasters like wildfires? You expect the roof to be a key player in protecting the home. Make sure you’re investing in roofing that’s up to the task.

On this subject, do you have the right kind of home insurance? Make sure that you understand exactly what your insurance policy covers. If it’s not enough, see what you can budget for an upgraded policy.


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