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It is no secret that safe drinking water has great health benefits. Through various filtration methods, people can enjoy clean water. That is what Berkey Water Purifiers are here for. They aim to protect people by helping produce safe and clean water.  For more Berkey water filter reviews, visit the official USA Berkey website

People should always have access to clean water. That is the best-case scenario in a perfect world. But there are some people, even nations that don’t have clean water. They even don’t have water in the first place. Most third-world countries suffer from drought and use rainwater for drinking. At least, they have filtration methods but its crude at best.

In any case, clean water is also not accessible to some people in rural areas and even in cities. All the more reason for them to use water purifiers. It’s a great investment that would last a long time. Think of it as investing in one’s health.

Speaking of health, water can be a medium for water-borne diseases. This is not its purpose but it happens anyway. One can blame man themselves for this. Lots of factories dump their wastes on water sources and it spreads everywhere. These contaminants also cause cancer and other ailments.

One has to face the fact that water brings pathogens along with it. Aside from contaminants, pathogens are the ones that people need to be wary of. These disease-causing organisms live and thrive in water.

This article will talk about some of these pathogens and provide insights for each. Do know that with strict rules in place, tap water is still safe to drink. It only needs filtration to be safer.


Now this one sounds like it’s a new entry to the cryptocurrency business. It’s nothing like that though. In a nutshell, cryptosporidium is a parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis. These words are a mouthful and the last term is a type of diarrheal ailment.

It has a lot of species that infect animals and humans alike. This pathogen has an outer shell that allows it to survive outside its host for a long time. This shell also protects the parasite from disinfections involving chlorine.

The most common way for this parasite to infect people is through drinking water. Cryptosporidium leads as the main cause of water-borne diseases in the US. It stays inside the intestines of animals and humans. They expel this parasite through their stools. There are millions of this parasite that comes out through bowel movement.

The simple name for this parasite is Crypto. Water becomes its carrier because of human and animal feces. Several outbreaks of the disease already happened in the US and other parts of the world. These outbreaks happened not only in the US but also in other parts of the globe. Poor water treatment and sanitation can cause the parasite to spread faster.

People can get it from untreated water from wells, pools, rivers, streams, and a lot more. Outbreaks in a community can happen by consuming contaminated municipal water. To avoid this parasite, always filter the water before drinking. Boiling it may help but when left to cool, it becomes susceptible to the parasite again.

Speaking of filters, one needs to use advanced filtration methods to prevent cryptosporidium. One specific filter that can combat this parasite is the one with reverse osmosis. If the filter has micro-straining features, it could also work. A one-micron filter can remove this parasite from the water. Anything more than that size will allow the parasite to flow along the water.


Like Cryptosporidium, giardia is also a microscopic parasite. It causes a type of diarrhea called giardiasis. It is also found in drinking water that came across animal and human feces. Its characteristics are like cryptosporidium. An outer shell protects it when it’s outside of the host’s body. It is also tolerant to chlorine.

There are many ways that this parasite can spread to humans but the main method is through the water. They live in untreated water sources like wells, rivers, and lakes. This is the reason one must refrain from drinking water from these bodies of water.

When swimming, people tend to swallow water from rivers and lakes. They can get the parasite from this as well. Using contaminated water when cooking is another way too. It lives inside its host’s intestines and causes diarrhea. The parasite leaves the host’s body through pooping. The bad thing is that even outside of its host, it can still survive for a long time. Because of this, it can get access to water and the cycle begins again.

Avoiding the disease is easy. Always have a filtration system at home. One should prefer a filter that has reverse osmosis. Berkey Water Purifiers have different purifiers to choose from. Also, never drink water from lakes or streams. When it comes to drinking water, never consume it if it’s untreated.

When traveling, always try to bring bottled water. The same goes if one cannot trust the water source for drinking. Poor sanitation and water systems can even bring an outbreak of the disease. Try to avoid these places to be safe.

Boiling tap water for a minute can also help kill the organism. But never leave it to cool because it might become a carrier of the parasite again. Also, a filter that can reduce cyst and oocysts is another way to get rid of the parasite. Filtered water needs extra treatment to kill the parasite. This means basic filters might not help in removing it from the water.

Prevention for both pathogens

Using a filtration system that has at least three stages is the way to go. It has to filter very minute organisms so a one-micron filter will resolve this concern. It will also filter other bacteria and viruses that can cause other diseases. Make sure that one follows proper hygiene protocols and dispose of waste the correct way. This will prevent the life cycle of these parasites.


Using Berkey Water Purifiers should help in preventing these diarrhea-causing organisms. Always keep safe by drinking treated water only.


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