3 Home Video Security Monitoring Tips for Homes and Businesses


No so long ago having video security monitoring was once considered a luxury for home and business owners.

Today, this security measure is practically compulsory for those seeking optimal protection from property losses due to theft or vandalism.

Of course, not all video monitoring systems are alike, so keep these three key features in mind when choosing one.

1. Demand Digital Video Security Monitoring

Analog video security systems just can’t measure up to the advantages afforded by digital video. Today’s modern surveillance cameras can capture and store substantial amounts of footage and keep it indefinitely on a local or cloud-based server.

Quality-wise digital is far superior to analog, as wide angled shots in high-definition clarity can be captured from multiple perspectives simultaneously. These images are ideal for catching crooks in the act, and they can be used to legally pursue the culprits.

2. Have Eyes Everywhere with a Remote Video Security Monitoring System

With a system that allows for remote monitoring, home and business owners can see what is happening in surveillance areas even when they are elsewhere.

Integrated digital systems can be set to provide users with automatic notifications when alerts are triggered, allowing for immediate streaming. Such features can allow for faster intervention and minimize damages or losses.

3. Arm Your System with Distributed Intelligence

Thousands of hours of video will be captured on the cameras and stored away, but who has time to review all of that footage? Distributed intelligence is a key feature that wasn’t available with analog systems.

However, those gaps in coverage are filled with digital software programs that allow viewers to search for specific events, patterns, and dates in mere seconds. If something goes amiss and alarms are triggered according to preset limitations, the top video security monitoring systems will alert authorized parties.


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